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The OralEye Teledental Community is the world’s largest online network of teledentists. We are developing a vibrant community at the forefront of preventative dental healthcare. Dentists who join are directly influencing how this technology develops over the next ten years. Through our channels and regular updates, members are able to follow and discuss developments in teledentistry.

OralEye is a dental health app that allows patients to contact a dentist remotely for a virtual checkup using their smartphone. By taking a series of smartphone images and uploading a brief case history, patients can upload their queries to a Virtual Office, where dentists can sign in and review them in a quick consultation.

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To join the OralEye Teledental Community you simply need to fill out the short form on this page. You will be automatically added to the network, receiving updates by email, as well as having the opportunity to join our social media groups and connect with other dentists in the network.

Founded in 2013, OralEye currently has more than 200 dentists working across 50 states in the USA. Our unique teledentistry app allows dentists to provide efficient consultations to patients letting them know how to better maintain their oral health and when they should next see their dentist in person.

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