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OralEye is a dental health platform that allows patients to contact a dentist remotely, using their smartphone for a virtual checkup. By taking a series of smartphone images and uploading a brief case history or requesting a video consultation, patients can upload their queries to a Virtual Office, where dentists can sign in and review them in a quick consultation.

OralEye allows patients to access dental health care on a more consistent basis, meaning they’re less likely to wait until an acute problem arises before reaching out. For dentists, OralEye’s system lets you work on extra cases both in and out of the office, allowing you flexibility and the capacity to pick up consultations if you have a cancellation in the office or time to spare at home.

In order to join the OralEye Dental Network you simply need to fill out the short form on this page and then one of our representatives will send you a credentialing form. Once we have your credentials we can then send you on a tutorial so that you can get to grips with our system before trying it out.

Before you begin practising you complete a series of training and assessment sessions with our online system, allowing you to get a feel for how a Virtual Checkup will work. Once you feel comfortable with the system, you’re ready to begin taking on cases.

OralEye allows dentists to work on cases remotely and at a time that suits them. You can service cases from any state that you are licensed to practice in. It’s up to you how many or how few cases you decide to take on.

The flexibility that comes with OralEye means you can easily take on extra work if a patient cancels their appointment or you want to work on extra cases while at home or in the office. All you need is a computer and a few minutes to spare.

Founded in 2013, OralEye currently has more than 200 dentists working across 50 states in the USA. The platform allows dentists to check their virtual waiting room and provide efficient consultations to patients letting them know how to better maintain their oral health and when they should next see their dentist in person.

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