Frequently Asked Questions

The Network

The OralEye Dental Network is a community of like-minded dentists who are at the forefront of technology in dentistry. They provide remote consultations to patients who submit their cases through the Toothpic app on their phone by taking six curated, high resolution photographs of their teeth, mouth and gums. The OralEye Dental Network has taken the startup mentality of innovation to the world of dentistry.

For dentists, joining the OralEye Dental Network provides a new source of revenue in a flexible way. You can take on as many or as few cases as you like and conveniently provide consultations from your laptop or desktop computer. You are paid by direct transfer at the end of each month for the cases you review, providing an added monthly stream of income.

Where telemedicine has transformed the world of medical consultations, teledentistry is following suit for the dental industry. Most dentists are already making use of teledentistry. If you have ever offered dental advice by phone, email, text or WhatsApp you are already a teledentist! OralEye offers a means of providing remote consultations more efficiently at your own convenience and in a more rigorous manner.

Patients benefit from a renewed engagement with their dental health. Fifty percent of US citizens have not visited their dentist in the past year, meaning that dental visits are more often made when acute problems present. The ease of using OralEye encourages patients to check in with their oral health more often, allowing dentists to make pre-emptive suggestions.

Getting On The Platform

You must be a dentist licensed in a US state, with active malpractice coverage. Successful applicants are put through a credentialing process that ensures they meet the standard to join the network.

Yes. The OralEye Virtual Office is designed for dentists and it will be familiar to you almost as soon as you begin to use it. To aid this, there is a training guide built into the platform.

You only need a laptop or desktop computer to connect to the OralEye Virtual Office, which you can then access through Google Chrome free web browser.

Receiving Cases

You receive cases through the OralEye Virtual Office. This is a secure online portal where you will find new patients in your Waiting Room and review their cases in your own time. In the Virtual Office you may also view archived and existing cases.

Patients will be added to your Waiting Room once they have completed their submission on the Toothpic app.

There is no minimum requirement or a specific time of day you have to log in and you can do as many or as few cases as is convenient.

Complete Care consultations usually take 10 to 15 minutes. Direct Care consultations usually take 2 minutes.

Other Questions

Your name and contact details will not be made public. Once you review a patient’s case in the Virtual Office they will see your last name.

Yes. It is made clear to patients when using the app that OralEye provides remote consultations which are by no means a replacement for a dental exam. At the end of the consultation, it may be recommended that the patient arrange an appointment at a dental practice.

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