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Provide Virtual Checkups For Patients Using Your Computer

Review High Quality Photos

We provide prospective patients with the framework to take bright, clear images of their teeth that will give you a good look at their both hard and soft tissues. They will also upload a brief case history along with their symptoms for you to review.

Give Your Expert Opinion

Dentists can log in at any time to the Virtual Office and pick a case to review. Using our intelligent tagging system you can make notes on each image and write recommendations for what patients can do at home as well as when they should visit their dentist for an in-person checkup.

Work When You’re Available

You decide if you are available to accept a case or not at that point in time. There are no set-up costs and all you’ll need is access to a laptop or desktop computer in order to begin taking patients.

Why Patients Use Teledentistry

Carving out time in order to look after your oral health is an increasingly difficult task for the modern patient. Many people let small issues develop into acute conditions before reaching out for help and advice from their dentist.

OralEye allows patients to connect with a dentist at a time that works for them, providing a swift, expert answer that lets them know how to maintain their oral health at home as well as when to make an appointment for a physical checkup.


Scheduling time to go and visit the dentist can often be difficult, particularly when you’re coordinating not only your own time but that of your children. OralEye provides a quick and easy way to let patients check in with a dentist without booking off time.


For those who live in rural areas or aren’t currently near their own dentist, OralEye means a first port of call between physical dental appointments. This allows people on the move or with access issues such as disabilities to have greater control over their dental health, allowing them to make informed decisions about when to attend an in-person checkup.


OralEye allows patients to keep a library of images of their teeth, with detailed tags from their consultations. This means patients are in charge of their records and can use these images for comparative purposes.


Consults provided


Dentists in our extended network


States covered

Conditions commonly observed by Dentists in our network

Oral Hygiene Status

See plaque, calculus and stain as a visual indicator of oral hygiene status.

Gum Health

See inflammation, recession, ulceration and other abnormalities of the soft tissues.


See decay from white spot lesions to advanced decay on a case by case basis.

Orthodontic Status

Identify bite classification, overcrowding, spacing issues and alignment.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Observe and monitor the status of wisdom teeth including eruption stage or angle and pericoronitis.


Identify intrinsic and extrinsic stain on multiple surfaces.

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