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OralEye's Mission

OralEye believes in putting you at the center of your dental care. We do this by giving you quick and simple access to painless dental consultations from your dentist using your smartphone.

Simply Contact Your Dentist

Look for your Dentist's Referral Code on their website. It will look something like 'DrMoore'. When you sign up with this they'll be notified everytime you submit a case. We encourage all dentists to respond within 24 hours.

Truly Understand Your Needs

A typical report will answer your question, where possible, and outline what you need to do to bring your dental health to the next level. You'll get comments on specific areas of your mouth, shown on each image and treatment options for care if necessary. If appropriate, some dentists will even include an estimated cost of treatment.

Easily Get The Treatment You Need

Once you understand what's wrong and you're ready to get treatment, the rest is easy. Simply click the 'Book Appointment' button in your report to notify your dentist that you'd like to proceed with treatment. You'll then receive a call from your dentist's staff to help pick the best date for you to come to the dental office. This appointment will be the most productive you've ever had as your dentist will already know what's bothering you and will be familiar with your case.

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